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Getting Registered
To view the forum you need to register. On all new users and accounts we ONLY allow real names. This is so sightings posted can be used in the annual Bird Report. It also cuts down on cyber bullying and aggressive posts. The idea is that the forum will be a friendly environment and that posts about sightings in years to come will be more useful. Registering means you agree that your sightings may be used in the annually printed Bird Report.

You can register yourself by going to the forum board and clicking the register link€¯ at the top right. Note: your user must be of the format John Smith€¯ for e.g. Not adhering to this may result in your registration not being activated. Then please email admin to let me know your registered name and that you agree to the Rules & Guidelines. You need to inform the admin due to the mass amount of spam registrations every day. Alternatively just email admin and ask them to register an account for you. 

General Posting Rules
Note: Birds Welfare Comes First.
Any News Relating to Nest Sites of Schedule 1 Birds, Particularly Raptors, may be edited if need be. Please Don't Be Offended! Common sense will be used to view each case individually.

2) Remember to tell us the Date, Time, Species, Place/Grid Ref. In the 'Subject' put the Date and species for users quick reference. Also remember to be specific i.e. "My Garden" is not useful in letting others know where you saw this bird. For example "Private Garden in the Glamis Road Area of Forfar" would be more helpful, if you want to keep your privacy! Postings are NOT guaranteed to be accurate, but filtered as best as physically possible.

3) Any mention to "AGV" refers to the "Angus GrapeVine" texting service ran by the Angus & Dundee Bird Club, a FREE service to Club Members only. For details of how to join this club and benefit from this service please visit the ADBC webpage links at the top of this webpage. If your bird sighting is already posted by admin (to get the news out quicker), please feel free to post yourself and admin message will be edited/deleted asap. Thank you.

4) Also note that it's sightings that are to be posted here and NOT aggressive comments aimed at putting others down or being a "Birding Policeman/Snob" criticizing others. These will be edited or deleted. Posting continually like this will result in a Forum Ban. This forum aims to have a friendly atmosphere NOT a judgemental one. Thanks for your cooperation. Also note that abusive and aggressive remarks made in person to the moderator will result in a forum ban. Differences of opinion of course are natural but disrespect and angry out bursts in the field€¯ will not be tolerated.

5) Posts may be edited or deleted by admin as and when they see fit to do so. Accounts may also be deleted if admin wish to do so at any time. Users are guests at the complete discretion of admin.

6) Using someone else’s log in username and password to view the forum will result in an instant ban.

7) Their is no problem with promoting your photo website, blog, or similar website on this forum. The promotion of a rival local bird news website or email group, is understandably, not permitted on the forum.

Requesting that your account be deactivated or deleted is fine but please note your past posts and valuable records will not be deleted.

Thank You For respecting these guidelines.

I also have posted the standard forum legalities below. By registering and using the forum indicates you agree to the rules and guidelines found above and below. If you feel that these are not fair, that you do not agree with them or you will not be able to abide by them, then perhaps this forum is not for you and please do not register. Thanks for your consideration and I hope you can appreciate what we are trying to achieve on the website.

Any problems/questions at all in registering or about this website, do not hesitate to contact admin at the following email address. Thanks for visiting and for your continued support of this website!Ā 

Best wishes, Mark Caunt (Website Admin)


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